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Education Options and International Schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’ve recently moved to Chiang Mai or are thinking about moving here with your family, the first question you may think of is - where to educate and the fact that you are moving will not make you immune to the question that’s plaguing all parents everywhere - how to educate?

Let’s get to that second question first.

How to Educate .

Some good beginning questions to get the reflection process going are:

​Do we want to educate our child in a conventional mainstream school ?

​Do we want to try an out of the box alternative like a micro-school?

Out of the box options like microschools are better equipped to offer an updated curriculum that incorporates 21st century skills namely: Problem solving, Self-Management, Working with People, and Technology Use and Development (outlined by World Economic Forum in their top 10 skills of 2025 report). The fact that they are not big makes them more agile and personalised.

However one size does not fit all. Your child could be a mainstream person. A mainstream school has more facilities and in Chiang Mai, many of them have been around for quite a few years and have an impressive faculty.

An analogy that could help with your reflection process: The Airbnb and hotel. The Airbnb is a more personalised and affordable option while the hotel has better amenities .

Moving on, once you’ve decided on your how you can address the where…

Where to Educate

If you are moving and it’s fresh beginnings for you, you can decide on the school and then look for somewhere to live near there. It's always nice if one can cycle or walk to school.

That being said, average driving distance from one suburb to another or from a suburb to the city center is not more that 20-25 minutes. Not that bad. Traffic wise there are pockets of traffic during certain times here and there.

Hang Dong is a an upcoming suburb around 25 minutes from the main city center. It is popular with expats and a good place to begin your search. It houses a community mall - Kad Farang and a nice selection of places to eat.

The beautiful Royal Flora Park and the Night Safari are in this area too. There are quite a few schooling options here. If you are looking for mainstream schools, a few options in this area are Panyaden International School, Lanna International School and Grace International School.

If you are looking for something out of box - an alternative education option - you could check out what we offer at KSI Academy also in the Hang Dong area.

If you are looking to stay in the city, there is Chiang Mai International School or SISB Chiang Mai Campus.

Mae Rim, another suburb that’s popular with the expats is where the established IB school PTIS International School is located.

To sum it up

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place that gives everybody who lives here a beautiful outer space and an expanded inner space. Give yourself some time to settle in and absorb this new energy, especially if you are moving here from a busy city.

Chiang Mai has quite a few education options. In keeping with the spirit of the place, make the decision of where and how to educate not an urgent one, but one that comes from an expanded, relaxed and creative mindset.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful stay here.


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