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Questions you may have.....

Are you a school?

I like to define this as a well-designed, personalised learning program.  

What are the timings?

Mon, Tue, Thur: 9am - 2pm

Wed, Fri: 9am - 1pm

Would this program meet all the academic needs of my child?

We are aligned with the Common Core Standards (American curriculum) via the recognised IXL Personalised Learning Program.  IXL is an integrated personalised learning platform used by over 14 million students in the U.S.  


Featuring a comprehensive curriculum and actionable analytics, IXL provides educators with everything they need to differentiate instruction and help each student grow. 

IXL is online.  Would this mean that my child would constantly be on the computer following the online curriculum?

The online software is not the main teacher. It is a tool we use to plan lessons and gauge math and literacy levels. 

We prepare project-based learning units, interdisciplinary lessons and rich choice boards   based on the curriculum topics curated by IXL.

Besides the core academic subjects, what else do you teach?  

Our curriculum has included: 

Mindfulness, Physical Education, Digital Skills, Art & Crafts, Music, Entrepreneurship Education, Cooking, Individual Mentor Meetings, 'Artists in Residence', STEM Education, Field trips, Genius Hour


We keep adding to this list.  It looks different every term. Our objective is to offer as many electives as possible, as they enrich the educational experience.


They are the staples that stay every term however such as Individual Mentor Meetings, our Friday flow day (Genius hour), Art&Crafts, Digital Skills, Physical Education.  

What is the admission process?

You can get in touch with us via the details below.  We will then schedule an appointment to chat and gauge whether we are a good fit for each other.  This is an out of the box education option.  It is important for our expectations to be aligned. 

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