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Questions you may have...

Are you a school?
I like to define this as a well-designed, personalised learning program.  The Core Program designed by me runs from 9am - 1pm everyday.  The electives designed by other professionals happen in the afternoons.  

How does the Core Program differ from most regular mainstream school programs?
A few things come to mind namely:

Mentor Meetings

These are  scheduled individual meetings between the mentor (teacher) and  each student to discuss where they are: academically, creatively and personally.  The mentor is the child's guide in school just like the parents at home. 

Parent-Teacher Partnership

We believe that parents know their children the best so we make sure to learn as much as we can from them. As an education institution, we want to continue the journey of education that you have started at home.  

Teachers as Coaches

The role of a teacher here is that of a coach.  We work alongside our students, get to know them individually and coach them to their full potential.  We work as a cohesive team to ensure that every student is being heard.


Intrinsic Discipline

Like our learning, we believe that self and group discipline should happen as a result of being motivated intrinsically.  To encourage that, every rule is discussed 'democratically'. Students participate in outlining rules and boundaries.  

What happens in the Core Program?
The days looks very much like a school day.  Students start coming in by 8.30am.   We have a whole school wisdom session.  After that students head to their learning groups.  We have three learning groups based on age/ability:


The rest of the morning consists of studying a core academic subject (math, english, geography, digital skills, STEM), individual mentor meetings, presentations, book clubs, project based learning and self-directed study. 

There is also a half-an-hour break during which we grab a snack and spend time in the nice, big park right opposite us.  Detailed information about the academics covered in the core program  can be accessed here.
Is lunch included in the Core Program fee?  
Yes, lunch is included. 

What is the student-staff ratio? Do you do everything alone?
I run the core program with two assistants.  The student-staff ratio  is 6:1.  We also have volunteers coming in from time to time to share their wisdom and run book clubs.  

Who designs the curriculum for the core academic subjects like STEM, Geography, Math etc?
Glad you asked that question. I currently co-ordinate with a recognised teaching organisation in the US.  Lead teachers there design the program, prepare lessons and assess the students' work .  Since the lead teacher is in another country, we rely on pre-recorded video lessons and an online classroom forum.  As the program leader, I curate the courses and monitor the learning. 

Math and English are ongoing core subjects.  We continually monitor progress in them through IXL  - an online personalised learning program.  

Why do you run the core program for only 4 hours per day ?  Why can't it be the whole day?
I did start out this program as a 9am - 3pm one.  After noting my productivity, stamina, and our current space, I decided to shorten the program to 4 hours.  Professionally and personally I want to give the children my best.   

I also feel that  I can get the best out of my students and assistants  if they know that the program does not drag on the whole day.  

Would the Core Academic Program meet all of my child's academic needs?
The program will meet the academic needs of your child and more! Our students are equipped with the ability to observe themselves (wisdom) and observe and tune in to others (compassion).  We focus on building real-world, life-long  skills such as  Self-Direction and Inquiry.  

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