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Learning Model

Which learning model are you following?

I am using the Building Blocks of Learning to inform the culture and teaching . Each element in the framework below represents a set of evidence-based skills and mindsets that have been proven by research to strongly correlate to, and even predict, academic achievement. The blocks we are aiming for are the top ones: Self-Direction, Curiosity and Sense of Purpose

How do you group your students?

I believe in the mixed age classroom. Our students are divided into the following groups based on their age and/or skill level: 🐤Learners (Age 6 - 9) You know the alphabet and numbers and are now looking to expand your horizons with more. 🦜Inquirers (Age 10 - 13) Equipped with a fair amount of knowledge and skills, you are now at a place where you are applying what you know and are ready to further your learning through observations and inquiry. 🦉 Scholars (Age 14 - 17) You've entered the life-long learning arena with a self-directed learning pathway and goals for the future.

How is the learning designed ?

The learning schedule is a combination of the Core Learning Program and Electives. The Core Program at our center has been designed and will be supervised by me. The components of the core program are: - Core academic subjects - Personalised Learning (IXL: Math & English) - Personal Development through structured classes and mentoring - Supervised Projects (Project Based Learning) - Self-Directed Learning - Individual coaching/mentoring sessions The Electives are usually lead by 'real world' experts. Term 1 Electives are: Building Soft Skills Thai & Life Skills

What are the core academic subjects and how are they taught?

Our core subjects are: English, Math, STEM, Digital Skills. The standards we use as reference are the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards (both US Based). We use the IXL curriculum for Math and English. For STEM and Digitial Skills we use the online Teach Engineering and Google Applied Digitial Skills curriculum. The mode of instruction is group classes, projects and one-one instruction.

Why the emphasis on cognitive skills?

Given that all knowledge is searchable, what will contribute to a student's success in life is the intangible. The Cognitive Skills Framework developed in partnership with Stanford University summarises those important, intangible skills well. I use this as a reference and rubric. The framework outlines 36 Cognitive Skills across 7 key domains. The 7 domains are: 1. Textual Analysis 2. Using Sources 3. Products & Presentations 4. Analysis & Synthesis 5. Inquiry 6. Speaking & Listening 7. Composing & Writing

How do you ensure personal development?

I personally feel that this is the most important building block. I use the following two subjects to build this block: Wisdom Wisdom has been defined as the ability to contemplate and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. It determines how a student will apply his/her education. Self-Direction, Curiosity and Purpose - our building blocks for real-world success depend on wisdom. Mode of instruction for wisdom: Structured group classes, Individual Mentor Meetings Fitness Physical fitness contributes greatly to the learning experience. The aim is to establish life-long healthy habits Mode of instruction for fitness: Structured Classes


Can you equip my child with a high school diploma?

Two pathways can be pursued (in-house) to obtain a recognised high school diploma: IGCSE (UK based) GED (US Based) Alternatively you may want to pursue an IB Diploma. This will mean spending the final 2-4 years of high school in a mainstream school setup. A number of schools in Chiang Mai offer the IB program. If you are interested in this pathway, we can discuss the options and plan accordingly. I am confident that the program of study I offer will equip you with the necessary skills to pursue any option you choose.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. There is a sibling and returning student discount for the Core Program. Returning student discount: 10% Sibling discount: 15%

Where are you located?

We will be onsite at our townhouse location in Koolpunt 9, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai from January 2022 onwards. I am aiming to create another campus in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. That will take some time. Please be assured that the move will not be sudden. I will inform you 6 months in advance.

How will you manage Covid once school begins onsite?

The tools that we will rely on are: - Weekly antigen tests - Daily temperature monitoring - Our collective sense of social responsibility

What are the term dates for the year 2022?

Term 1: January 10 - May 20, 2022 Quarter 1: Jan 10 - Feb 4 Quarter 2: Feb14 - Mar 11
Quarter 3: Mar15 - Apr 5
Quarter 4: Apr 25 - May 20
Term 2: August 1 - December 2, 2022 Quarter 1: Aug 1 - Aug 26 Quarter 2: Sept 5 - Sept 30
Quarter 3: Oct 10 - Nov 4
Quarter 4: Nov 14 - Dec 2