“My child switches off when I try having a conversation that matters....”

Goal Based Mentoring can help you with the conversations that matter.  

We have been practicing goal based mentoring at our center for the past two years.  It works.


We are pleased to offer a 45 minute online workshop at no cost  to share what we know about goal based mentoring.


Learn how to set and follow up the following goals with your child :

  •  Academic Goals

  •  Real World Goals

  •  Personal Goals

Guide your child with well-defined goals this year.  

Goal Based Mentoring

Online Workshop (Free)

January 13, 2021

10.30 am (Thailand Time)

Your Time 


Workshop Facilitator

This workshop will be facilitated by Sonthaya Chutisacha (Sandy). 


Sandy is a mom, an educator and a professional development coordinator for international schools in Asia and Africa. 


She is the founder of KSI Learning Center - a lab school that implements an updated model of education with Personalised Learning, Self-Knowledge and Real World Skills at its core. 



Sonthaya Chutisacha

Email: sonthaya@ksipd.com

Phone/WhatsApp/Line: 081-846-5770; 081-701-6843

KSI Academy

Koolpunt 9

Hang Dong, Chiang Mai