Moments (Jan - Feb 2020)

Badminton with Khru Mel

Badminton was our sport for the term.  The grand finale was the tournament.  The 'fight for gold' was an exciting one.  

Real-life Expert

We were honored to welcome Dr. Robert, retired engineer from NASA, who shared with us so many difficult concepts in easy to understand language.  We know now what the Karman Line is.  


We are thankful to Margie, a visitor from UK who got us started with knitting.  We are working on our patchwork quilt.  

Life Skills with Khru Tem

We covered  many practical skills in Khru Tem's life-skills sessions.  From sewing a button to reading labels, we learnt so much in these weekly sessions. 


We were big on painting all of this term.  A variety of techniques were explored.  The Colors from Nature session made us aware of the palette of colors nature provides. 

Cooking with Khru Maprang

Under the expert guidance of Khru Maprang, we tried our hand at making Bubble Tea.  A reasonably successful endeavor.


Sonthaya Chutisacha


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