A Free Webinar

   for Parents

August 5, 2020:  2.00 pm - 3.00 pm,  Thailand

August 7, 2020: 11.00am - 12 noon,  EDT (USA)


Demystifying Education

Become Your Child’s

Most Effective Teacher


By Sonthaya Chutisacha

Workshop Overview 

As a parent, you  are witnessing education as it happens.


Something that happened within the walls of a school, is taking place in your living room. 


Do you feel a little lost at times? 

Do you want to supervise this better?

Remember that teacher who made that big difference in your life? 


Become your child’s life-changing teacher/mentor/coach.


Personalised Learning  has actually made this possible.

This free webinar will equip you with the following:

  • Understanding Personalised Learning

  • Parental expectations and coaching - Maintaining the right balance

  • Your coaching toolkit

  • Goal  coaching: How to help children set and pursue academic, personal and passion project goals

During the webinar:

  • Participants will define their personal methodology of implementing  Coaching and Personalised Learning  at home

  • Participants will also get a chance to practice their personal coaching approach during the webinar.  

Trainer’s Profile

Sonthaya Chutisacha is a mom, an educator and a professional development coordinator for international schools in Asia and Africa.  She is the founder of KSI Learning Center - a lab school that implements an updated model of education with Personalised Learning, Self-Knowledge and Real World Skills at its core. 

Read more about Sonthaya here


Sonthaya Chutisacha

Email: sonthaya@ksipd.com

Phone/WhatsApp/Line: 081-846-5770; 081-701-6843

KSI Learning Center

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