Frequently asked questions

If I opt for the full time program, is it an  alternative to sending my child to a mainstream school? If I choose to send my child here will it be enough?

Yes. The Full Time Program will meet the academic needs of your child.

How about the recognised transcript and credenitials?  What happens if I want to move my child to another school and how will it work when we want to pursue higher education?

Since we are not a school, we cannot issue an official transcript. We can offer lots in term of support, however. For Thai Nationals... We can help facilitate a ministry of education recognised grade level certificate. Moving your child to another school... If you intend to move your child to another school, we will work as a team with you to find out entry requirements of the new school. If required we will speak to the admissions officer of the school and make sure we are preparing your child for admission. Higher Education... We will make sure your child is prepared for the path he/she chooses. Once again, we will understand the requirements from the admissions office of the chosen university and will prep your child accordingly.

I understand that you will help and support my child, but will he/she be ready for the transition? Is your curriculum rigorous enough?

We can say with full confidence that your child will be ready in every way for the next step, whatever it may be - new school, university entrance or starting a business . Our personalised learning program which includes the 8 students to 1 mentor individual coaching model, ensures that there are no learning gaps anywhere. The IXL program we use for most subjects is aligned to the Common Core Standards (USA)

I feel your center offers an easy, less stressful route.  Will I be lowering the standards for my child?

A child learns so many real world skills (walking, language, eating) in those first few years at home - in an environment that is loving and attentive. We may not look as official and big as most schools but be assured, we will gently push your child to his/her maximum potential. Our methodology is aligned with the current entry requirements of leading universities. Quoting MIT: We admit less than 10% of applicants. If you set your goal as being admitted to MIT, you are likely to be disappointed. If, however, you set your goals as learning a lot, developing a better sense of yourself, and being a positive influence on those around you, then you can succeed on your own terms and also be a better applicant to MIT. You can think about this approach to preparing for college as applying sideways: one that encourages students to focus on becoming their best self, with the knowledge that it will also help them be a better applicant to colleges that are a good fit for them.

Tell us about Knowledge Source Institute.  What is it?

Knowledge Source Institute ( has been providing professional development opportunities to international school educators in Asia, Middle East and Africa since 2007. Their trainers are noted experts in the field of education.

I want information on the program, schedule fees etc. Also I want to visit the center. How do I go about this?

We are open for registration for the term beginning January 4, 2021. Information regarding the programs of study can be accessed here. Further queries can be sent to us via this form

What does KSI stand for?

Knowledge Source Institute

Tell me about the Mentoring Program...

The Mentoring Program is basically a once a week individual mentoring session with a trained mentor to plan and review academic, personal and creative goals. It is designed to support all students (homeschoolers and also those in mainstream schools).


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