Project Based Learning 

Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Week 1

Unlock the unique mind.   Become creative & spontaneous while building confidence and resilience.

Day 1:  Trust and Team work

Day 2:  Goal Setting and Creativity

Day 3:  Resilience and Engineering

Day 4:  Research, Planning, Assessing Risk

Day 5:  Confidence and Optimism

Week 2

It's not about the ideas as it is about making ideas happen.

Day 1:  Ideation and Planning

Day 2:  Prototyping

Day 3:  Test and Feedback

Day 4:  Rebuild and Retest

Day 5: Launch

Course Leader

Sumana Ganne is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Big Data Architect by profession. Her passion for technology and automation drives her to analyze patterns around us to uncover simple solutions for day to day problems. A proud mom of two kids aged 4 and 2, she believes problem solving and critical thinking are two essential skills regardless of the area of life.

Target audience

Learners: Age 11 - 14


September 17 - 28, 2018

Mon  - Fri

*1pm - 3pm

*The session on Sept. 24 will be from 10.00 am - 12 noon


KSI Learning Center

Koolpunt 9

Hangdong Road


Course Fee

Baht 7,200 per participant

Contact (Thai & English)

Sonthaya Chutisacha (Sandy)



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