Core Academic Program

The Core Academic Program has been designed to cover all aspects of academic and personal growth.  Education happens via group sessions, projects, and individual mentoring sessions.  The main components of the program are:

1.  Academic Courses 

We partner with niche educators/institutions to offer these.  The courses are designed by experts who give personalised feedback to students and address any query they may have.    

2.  Numeracy & Literacy

Progress in both subject areas is tracked to ensure grade level competency.

3.  Digital Literacy

We are primarily using Google's Applied Digital Skills curriculum to help with this.  

4.  Projects and Presentations

This important real-world skill forms an important part of our curriculum.   We use this to track soft-skills development. 


5.  Individual Mentoring Sessions 

Individual meetings form the backbone of the program.  These sessions track progress and personal development/growth.  Goal setting forms an important part of these sessions.  We follow the atomic habits theory of behavior change to build life long habits - besides the outcomes (goals) we focus on identity and systems.  

6.  GED Test Prep (for Scholars)

The GED test is a high school equivalency test leading to a recognised high school diploma.  We cover the GED curriculum (four subjects) and also practice test taking skills. 

7.  Entrepreneurship/Internship (for Scholars)

Putting a foot forward in the 'world out there' is the intention of this component.  We aim to give our Scholars a head start as professionals.  In-house internship opportunities and/or entrepreneurship ideas will be pursued.  

Learning Groups
Learners (ages 6 - 9)
Inquirers (ages 10 - 13)
Scholars (ages 14 - 17)

Timings & Fee
9am - 1pm
Term fee: Baht 55,000