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 The Schedule Builder
For Self-Directed Learners/Home-Schoolers
A shared resource to help with designing your learning schedule 

What is the Schedule Builder?

The Schedule Builder is a simple Google Document that you can copy and use.  It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.58.32.png

The pages on this document are:



You will compile your research on this page. This page will list all the learning websites/resources that you wish to explore - the 'raw materials' for designing your schedule. 


Courses Registered

This page will compile all the courses you have registered for.  


Schedule (by month)

This page is the schedule page (a separate page for each month).  


To use the Schedule Builder,  click on this linkThen click on the 'File' tab  and choose "Make a Copy' from the drop-down menu.  

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