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You want to retain your child's curiosity and build his/her self-directed learning skills.

Thank you for dropping by....

What we have here is a learning program designed and led by me . I continually use my skills and wisdom as an individual, parent, educator, and entrepreneur to define and expand the boundaries of what I offer to students.

The Agricultural Model of Education

I have modeled this academy on the foundation of Sir Ken Robinson’s philosophy. 


In the year 2014, years before I started this, I was blown away by Sir Ken’s Ted Talks and created a video to encapsulate his thoughts on education .   I called this video the ‘Agricultural Model of Education’.   


The video is the blue print for what I do here:

 Education is an organic process, not a mechanical one


Human resources, like natural resources are buried deep.   They need to be uncovered. I see our academy as the farm and us teachers as  the farmers who create the conditions for growth. 


Nature is free in her expression yet gives the earth structure.  Our learning environment is scaffolded to promote creative expression.  

Learning Groups

Parent-Teacher Team

As parents/potential parents of this learning academy, you have chosen or will choose an alternative education experience for your child.

Parent-Teacher communication forms a big part of our model. I like to think of us as a team working towards the same, all-important objective of equipping your child with all that’s needed to excel in a fast, changing world.

In me, you have a dedicated and experienced  team-mate with over two decades of professional experience  in the field of education.

The Goal

Self-Direction, Curiosity and a clear Sense of Purpose is what we are aiming for.  Academically we aim that our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and grit to pass any high school equivalency exam. 

Facts & Numbers

  • We initiated  this academy  in August 2018.

  • We currently have 21 students enrolled in our programs.  

  • Given the personalised nature of our learning model, our maximum growth potential is 35 students.

  • Our current campus is a townhouse building in the Koolpunt 9 housing estate in Hangdong, Chiang Mai.  

  • We will be moving to a bigger campus in Doi Saket in September 2024. 

Schedule a Visit

There is lots happening at our campus (I am not a photo person so have not captured it in pictures).  

Feel free to email/call me if you want to schedule a visit.  

I look forward to welcoming you.

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