You want to retain your child's curiosity and build his/her self-directed learning skills.

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If you've caught yourself nodding to most of the slides above, you share my philosophy as a parent and as an educator.


I believe that every child has a hidden genius.  I work together with my students, their families and our teachers to draw out that genius. I meet our objectives through the components of our

Core Academic Program.

There is also a GED Prep Program for older students that is led by me.  The program runs on Friday afternoon.  

Students also have the option of enrolling for electives. Electives are taught by 'creative-professionals' passionate about the subject they are teaching.  Current electives being offered are Thai & Life Skills ,  Idea Communication and iPad Foundations

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I've answered some anticipated questions about the program on this page.  

If you scroll down further you'll get a snapshot view of how we group our students.   

Feel free to email me if you wish to explore further.  

Looking forward to being a part of your learning journey.

Sonthaya (Sandy) Chutisacha

Personalized Learning Coach

MSc. Counseling Psychology

Learning Groups


Age 6 - 9

You know the alphabet and numbers and are now looking to expand your horizons with more.  


Age 10 -13

Equipped with a fair amount of knowledge and skills, you are now at a place where you are applying what you know and are ready to further your learning through observations and inquiry.  


Age 14 - 17

You've entered the life-long learning arena with a self-directed learning pathway and goals for the future.  


 Learning elements that helped us meet our objectives...