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KSI Learning Center
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Equipping Students With Self-Knowledge and Real World Skills

We have noticed that students' creativity, confidence and learning ability grows by leaps and bounds when we 'hear' them.

We listen, we observe and provide a tailor made personalised learning program for each child.   

How we differ from most schools

Planning the Day

Each student has a planning diary and the first thing they do every morning is plan what they will achieve during the day.    

Mentor Meetings

These are  scheduled individual meetings between the mentor (teacher) and  each student to discuss where they are: academically, creatively and personally.  Our ratio is 8 students to a mentor.  The mentor is the child's guide in school just like the parents at home. 

Parent-Teacher Partnership

We believe that parents know their children the best so we make sure to learn as much as we can from them. As an education institution, we want to continue the journey of education that you have started at home.  

Teachers as Coaches

The role of a teacher here is that of a coach.  We work alongside our students, get to know them individually and coach them to their full potential.  We work as a cohesive team to ensure that every student is being heard.  

Intrinsic Discipline

Like our learning, we believe that self and group discipline should happen as a result of being motivated intrinsically.  To encourage that, every rule is discussed 'democratically'. Students participate in outlining rules and boundaries.  

Learning Program

Our Learning Program has 2  elements:

  •  The Personalised Learning Program (9am - 12 noon)

  •  Electives (1pm - 3pm)

The Personalised Learning Program will cover the academics while the electives will cover the extra-curricular areas. 

You can register for either element or both.  Further information (schedule, fee etc) is on the  Program Information Sheet.

Assessment for Learning & Exam Prep

Assessment for learning is done  through formative assessment tools.  For English and Math, we use the IXL continuous diagnostic system that monitors and helps students progress with a personalised learning plan.  We also prepare students for standardised exams in line with their goal.  

Calendar 2020

Session 1 - January 2 - February 28

Session 2 - May 11 - August 14

Session 3 - September 14 - December 11

Registration is now open for Session 2 beginning May 11, 2020.  Contact for further details. 

Our Team


Sonthaya (Sandy),  has been in the field of education - as a counselor, teacher, training coordinator -  for the past 15 years.   A chat with Sonthaya.

Program Founder &  Teacher

Sonthaya Chutisacha


Maprang graduated from Faculty of Humanities, majoring in German and minoring in English from Chiang Mai University. She got a scholarship from Goethe Institute Germany in 2010. Maprang got another scholarship from EDENZ Colleges, New Zealand. She has been working as an English language tutor and teacher since 2015. 

Teacher - Middle School Classroom, Music

Kwandao Rungrueng


Melvin (Mel) received a BA in Broadcasting from the 

University of Central Oklahoma.

What he has learned from his 13 years as an Executive Producer with one of the leading commercial production houses in Thailand, is that “no idea is a bad idea ; it is how you present it that makes it great!” but absolutely “having no idea, is... a bad idea.”

Also being that he is a fitness enthusiast; his motivating and inspiring attitude will definitely rub off on you to begin your own journey towards living a healthy, balanced, and happy life.


"Now take two deep breaths, and let your blissfulness unfold."

Fitness, Idea Communication

Melvin Wong


Phakharat (Tem) graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication from Thammasat University. With her many years experience in the media and advertising industry as Creative as well as the Casting Director, she is great at bringing  the best out of people and especially great at working with kids.  

To her the world is exciting with so many interesting things to be learned and discovered.  She believes that if you put your mind to it, all things possible with appear. 

Life Skills, Nature Study

Phakharat Phatthanathanya