Self-Direction. Curiosity. Purpose.


Our  full time Middle/High School Program is grounded in...

  • Mentoring

  • Project Based Learning

  • Self-Direction Skills

The learning elements that help us meet our objectives are...

Who & Why


We are a lab school initiated by Knowledge Source Institute ( . Knowledge Source Institute (KSI) has sourced and coordinated workshops for international and bilingual schools in Asia and Africa since 2007.  


KSI's objective: Helping students reach their full potential by equipping educators with necessary knowledge and skills through their curated trainings.

In working with world class trainers and educators over these many years, we have witnessed the changing landscape of education.  Given their size, numbers and constraints, many schools are limited in their ability to immediately implement new practices  and see their impact.


Our lab school was set up in September 2018 with the intention of being the implementation ground of innovative education practices. Like many leading institutions world-wide, we believe that student-directed personalised learning is the way forward for the connected and technology-rich world of today.

Our teaching methodology is designed to promote Self-Direction, Curiosity and Purpose - three recognized attributes that point toward real-world success.  

In keeping with KSI's vision, we are currently sharing KSI Academy's mentoring framework and methodology with international schools in the region through professional development workshops hosted by KSI.

We benchmark ourselves with...


Admissions & Enquires


Our dedicated campus in Doi Saket,  Chiang Mai  will complete construction in March 2022.   We will open admissions closer to the completion of our campus. 


Until then,  given our current space and resources, we are accepting a limited number of  students  as per this schedule/fee:

Term 2 -   May 3 - July 30, 2021 

Term 3 - Aug 30 - Nov 26, 2021

Baht 54,000 per term

To enquire contact as below:



Sonthaya Chutisacha


Phone/WhatsApp/Line: 081-846-5770; 081-701-6843

KSI Academy

Wararom Charoenmuang (Map)

San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai