Self-Direction. Curiosity. Purpose.


Our  core academic program is grounded in...

  • Mentoring

  • Project Based Learning

  • Self-Direction Skills

The learning elements that help us meet our objectives are...

Learning Groups

Our students belong to one of these groups


Learners (Age 6 - 9)
You know the alphabet and numbers and are now looking to expand your horizons with more.  

Inquirers (Age 10 - 13)
Equipped with a fair amount of knowledge and skills, you are now at a place where you are applying what you know and are ready to further your learning through observations and inquiry.  


Scholars (Age 14 - 17)
You've entered the life-long learning arena with a self-directed learning pathway and goals for the future.  



Our upcoming term (August 30 - December 3, 2021) will be online.  To enroll for the online courses being offered go to Courses.