You want to retain your child's curiosity and build his/her self-directed learning skills.

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If you've caught yourself nodding to most of the slides above, you share my philosophy as a parent and as an educator.


I believe that every child has a hidden genius.  I work together with my students, their families and our teachers to draw out that genius. I meet our objectives through the components of our

Core Academic Program.

Besides the Core Program, students have the option of enrolling for electives. Electives are taught by 'creative-professionals' passionate about the subject they are teaching.  Current electives being offered are Thai & Life Skills ,  Idea Communication and iPad Foundations

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I've answered some anticipated questions about the program on this page.  

If you scroll down further you'll get a snapshot view of how we group our students.   

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Sonthaya (Sandy) Chutisacha

Personalized Learning Coach

MSc. Counseling Psychology

Learning Groups


Age 6 - 9

You know the alphabet and numbers and are now looking to expand your horizons with more.  


Age 10 -13

Equipped with a fair amount of knowledge and skills, you are now at a place where you are applying what you know and are ready to further your learning through observations and inquiry.  


Age 14 - 17

You've entered the life-long learning arena with a self-directed learning pathway and goals for the future.  


 Learning elements that helped us meet our objectives...